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Where innovation meets performance.

The nine-county Indy Region is a world-class region; one where innovation meets performance and businesses and talent have access to the resources they need to meet their full potential. The Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, referred to as the 足彩推荐软件app排名, exists at the center of that work.

The 足彩推荐软件app排名 is a 501(c)6 economic development organization. Founded in 1890, 该组织 has deep roots in economic development and quality of place. 今天, 该组织, governed by a Board of Directors representing 120 businesses across the region, 2人以上集会,000 members and serves as the regional voice for advocacy, economic development, and quality of place—all critical to strengthening the competitiveness of Indy’s business climate.


The 足彩推荐软件app排名 serves as a regional voice of progress and improvement, uniting business and community to maintain a strong economy and quality of life. Our advocacy efforts, 网络事件, economic development initiatives, and membership opportunities foster collaboration and position business leaders and the collective community for success.



We meet businesses where they are.

Regardless of your business’ stage, we can help connect you to the resources you need to reach your unique goals. This ranges from coaching an entrepreneur through cash flow statements, to a top investor testifying on behalf of legislation that improves our entire community. While we offer many services under our roof, a network of connections and partnerships is our competitive advantage.

We think like entrepreneurs.

To do our jobs effectively, we must be adaptable to the unforeseen challenges the business community encounters. We understand the balance of risk and reward, and we’re willing to get in the trenches to fulfill our mission of establishing Indy as a premier destination for talent and opportunity for all businesses.

We invest in tomorrow.

It’s no secret that a talented workforce is the most attractive element for businesses in choosing whether they should expand or relocate to the Indianapolis region. Any opportunity to make that decision easier is an investment to pursue.


Diversity + Inclusion

The 足彩推荐软件app排名 is focused on the growth of your company and our region. We understand that the key to making Indy the best place to work and live lies in our ability to embrace, support and connect the diverse organizations that make up our unique business landscape.

Prioritizing Partnerships

As a regional organization, we understand that cultivating a climate that’s good for business requires collaboration across county lines and political parties. Through our partnerships, we help develop sustainable initiatives that lead our business community forward.

2021 Chamber of the Year

The 足彩推荐软件app排名 was named the 2021 Chamber of the Year, presented by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). ACCE, based in Alexandria, Va., 除以1,600 chambers of commerce and related business and economic development organizations as members, representing more than 9,000 professionals in the industry. This is 该组织’s first Chamber of the Year designation; awarded for the development of a Rapid Response Hub to support businesses through the global pandemic and for their Inclusive Incentives Initiative which guides local and regional economic development strategies.

The 2021 Chamber of the Year award is the most prestigious and competitive recognition awarded annually by ACCE. It recognizes the leadership role chambers of commerce have in their communities. Those honored with the Chamber of the Year designation have demonstrated organizational strength and impacted key community priorities, 比如教育, 运输, economic prosperity, and quality of life. The 足彩推荐软件app排名 is grateful to serve a leading Chamber of Commerce working to support businesses across the nine-county, 印第地区.

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